Jensen Stern Experience

More than just a jewelry store, Jensen Stern is an active social hub, a gallery and a lounge, a destination point where passions are shared and ideas are exchanged. Jensen Stern is perhaps the only retailer of its kind where one escapes the daily routine to relax instead in a welcoming and stimulative atmosphere. The conversation is lively and always inspired, improvising and moving with a humor and an ease unusual for a jewelry store.

After all, a jeweler, distilled to the essence of its Medieval meaning, sells not only adornment, but encourages the very idea of play.

Jensen Stern Philosophy

Fashion, by its nature, is fickle, however personal style transcends trend. Expressing it, like all desirable things, requires a little daring and taking a bit of risk.  Find your inner hip.

Store Hours

  • Tuesday thru Saturday • 11:00 to 5:00 ish
  • Peak Season • Monday thru Saturday • 11:00 to 5:00 ish