It’s time to make your heart race:

How can one transpose the most striking or distinctive feature of a car into a watch?  Parmigiani answers.  Not only  do they “brand” the watch with the car-maker’s name, but instead they go the extra mile.

The Bugatti Aerolithe is a stunning flyback chronograph that really resembles the legendary car of the same name. Just look at the sketch on the left.

Parmigiani even took it a step further. The old Bugatti comprises of two parts, left and right, which are riveted together. The rivet goes from front to the rear end of the car and looks like a dorsal seam, giving the car a futuristic streamlined look. This “dorsal seam” is also incorporated in the new Parmigiani watch, on each of its four lugs, symbolizing the genius of Jean Bugatti and the technical prowess that gave rise to the car almost 80 years ago.